Willow Wearable Breast Pump

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Becoming a new mom is one of the greatest joys in life. There are many things to do in preparation for this big event and planning for this life change should be first and foremost. So, along with making a list of baby items you will need and planning a baby shower, you need to start thinking about how you will feed your new little bundle of joy. Do you plan on breastfeeding? I recommend that you consider breastfeeding as it is the optimal way to feed your baby. Let me introduce you to the Willow Wearable Breast Pump (Generation 3). The greatest invention for a breast pump there is for busy moms!

Willow Wearable Breast Pump (Generation 3)

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A wearable breast pump?

The Willow is a breast pump that fits right inside your bra and runs quietly. You can pump anywhere at any time and no one else will have a clue that you are pumping milk. This is ideal for working moms as they do not have to worry about finding a closet or a private room where they would have to set up a conventional breast pump. And, don’t forget the electrical outlets that a private room would have to have.

There are countless women who use and love the Willow. It has been a game-changer for them.

The Willow breast pump is the first-ever, in-bra wearable pump established in January 2018. It is a patented, no-spill breast pump that lets you pump fully hands-free. You can pump into spill-proof bags or containers.

The breast pump comes with 24 bags, however, the re-usable containers are sold separately.

The price vs the benefits

There are a lot of people who would argue that this breast pump is just too expensive. Well, I would say do not let the price alone detract you from taking a closer look at this. It is without a doubt that this breast pump has been the greatest thing outside of sliced bread for many women.

If you are a working mother, then this one’s for you! When you consider all that is involved in pumping your milk, and you have to be at work with minimal disruptions and you simply do not have that extra time to go and try to find a discreet place to take care of your business, you will be so glad you made the investment. That alone is worth the cost.

Spill-proof milk bags or reusable containers

This wearable pump gives you the option to either use disposable milk bags or you can use reusable containers. It’s a nice option to have if you don’t want to have something extra to clean. You do not have to worry that either the milk bags or containers will leak – they will not.

The bags hold 4 ounces of milk, so a total of 8 ounces (4 ounces per breast).

The containers also hold 4 ounces of milk for each breast. They are BPA-free, dishwasher safe, compatible with Willow Generation 2 and 3 only and you need to replace them every 3 months.

It is interesting to note that you can actually pump your milk whether you are lying down, exercising, bending over, and just about anything else you can think of. Just make sure you follow directions and get the correct size and use the step-by-step instructions that the company gives you. If you do these things, you should be all set!

Getting the right size

Before you decide to purchase the Willow, you need to measure your nipple. To do this, you can download a ruler app on your phone. use “Ruler 2.0” for iOS or “Millimeter” for Android. In the iOS app, set measurement to “mm” and for Android, select default calibration.

Next, stimulate the nipple so it is erect. Then take the ruler on your phone and place it under the nipple so that one end of the nipple base is at “0.” Then slide the measurement bar on the screen to the other end of the nipple base and that is your measurement.

This measurement is called the flange size and you want to use a flange that’s 2-4 mm larger than your nipple measurement.

Size chart

The flange size chart is as follows:

Nipple Measurement Willow size

17 – 19 mm   =>  21 mm

20 – 22 mm  =>  24 mm

23 – 25 mm  =>  27 mm

Use a flange that’s 2-4 mm larger than your nipple measurement.

Of note, this pump works for all breast sizes all the way through G and H bra cups. You will want to wear this

pump with a full-size nursing bra that has flaps. Avoid underwired and padded bras.

Get the app

The Willow Generation 3 works with an app that not only gives you step-by-step instructions, but gives you personalized pumping tips. The new app for Generation 3 offers fast, easy pairing, step-by-step onboarding, and personalized tips.

The Generation 3 means that the Willow has been improved for softer and faster pumping for more milk. It gives you more comfort and more control. There are 7 levels of suction comparable to most traditional double electric and hospital grade pumps, with two new lower suction levels and a new sensitivity setting

The app will automatically track sessions and milk volume.

Purchase yours here!

Willow Wearable Breast Pump (Generation 3)

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)


The battery will last you through 5 pumping sessions which would be for all day.

Covered by insurance?

Call your health insurance company to find out if you can get partial or full reimbursement. Some women have been able to get some or all of the Willow covered – it just depends on your insurance.

Any cons?

The cons to this breast pump is that if you get the wrong size, it will not work well for you. You must measure your flange as explained above before you purchase it. If you follow the directions, you should be good. Again, this comes in 3 different sizes and will accommodate breast sizes up to an H-cup.

My conclusion

There is no doubt about it that this is the way to go if you are a working mom or a mom with a busy schedule and you want to breastfeed your baby. This is such a convenient and productive way to express your milk no matter where you have to be or what you have to do.

I do have another article on breastfeeding detailing how to hold your baby and a review for a hospital-grade breast pump if you decide you do not need the wearable kind of pump and have time to use a standard breast pump.

Questions or comments?

I am hoping you found this information helpful and if you have any questions or comments, I encourage you to leave them in the comment section below.

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  1. Hello there, thanks for another wonderful article and it’s really smart to see some of these things that ladies would be really happy with to make use of their time in their daily activities; and that is really good. I have seen the use of a bra that has foam and it’s not really as good as it sounds, but this is one over. A very smart idea. Thank you for sharing with us all. 

    1. Thank you Sean for reading this! Yes, I really try to recommend items for moms that will make their lives a little easier. Every mom needs to multi-task in one way or another to try and save some time for themselves.

  2. Hey there!

    Wow, what a nice and helpful article. I have been longing to actually see something of this type for quite some time now. Thank you for sharing though. This is actually the first time I am hearing of a wearable breast pump. It’s actually a nice thing. But I would like to ask this question:  

    With the breast pump being an electrical device, are there any side effects to it if it’s being used for a long period of time?

    1. Hello!!! You’re welcome!! In answer to your question, the Willow is not electric, but runs on a battery. There are no side effects from using the Willow. But I guarantee, that any woman who uses this breast pump is going to absolutely love it! It is so convenient and just a really big time saver! Thank you for reading this and asking such a great question!!!

  3. Thanks a million times for this amazing post. I have never heard of the Willow breast pump until now and I believe it’s a genius idea. I often see a lot of working mums going to the stress of finding a suitable place to breastfeed their child. Some have to watch their children cry while searching for a space. But, I will love to get this as a gift for my cousin and as a guy, I can’t measure a nipple. Is there a way I could go buy it?

    1. Hello and you’re welcome!! Yes, the Willow is definitely a genius idea. The only drawback I see is that when you order it, you need to know what the nipple base measurement is. If buying for your cousin, there is really no way around it, she would have to do the measurement and then tell you what it is. The Willow comes in 3 different sizes, so it is important that you get the correct size. I hope this helps you. P.S. I think that getting this for your cousin is a wonderful idea, she will absolutely love it!!!

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