What’s Sophie La Girafe?

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Every baby is born a unique individual and with that uniqueness includes all stages of development. Teething is one of those stages. Along with teething comes an easily irritable baby.  Babies often cry and fuss and are sometimes inconsolable. So what do we do about this and how do we soothe a baby’s teething pain? Along with other remedies for soothing sore gums, I will answer the question “what’s Sophie La Girafe?”

Signs of teething

The age at which our baby will start to teethe can range anywhere from 3 months to about 6 months of age. I say this because there are some babies who actually start this process as early as age 3 months! However, generally speaking most babies will start to teethe by around 6 months of age.

When you see these signs, you will want to be prepared with different measures to soothe your baby. These signs are:

  • Excessive amount of drooling
  • Chewing on fists or any other objects
  • Irritability and crankiness
  • Slight increase in temperature

Call your doctor if your baby has swollen, puffy, bleeding gums and/or if his face is swollen or swelling up. Never make any assumptions about anything, call your baby’s doctor right away.

Soothing your baby

There are a few things you can do to soothe your baby from the effects of teething.  If your baby has a slight temperature, call your baby’s doctor to ask about giving infant Tylenol drops to reduce the pain and discomfort. Your doctor will tell you the correct dose, do not try to figure out the dose yourself.

I have reviewed a great digital thermometer and you can click here if you would like to check it out.

You can use your finger or a clean, cold washcloth to gently rub your baby’s gums. Please make sure you wash your hands well before placing your finger in her mouth. You do not want to introduce germs into your baby’s mouth.

A toy for teething

Meet Sophie La Girafe! Sophie is hand-made in France of 100% natural rubber and hand-painted with food-grade dye.

The rubber used comes from the Hevea trees growing in Malaysia. The trees produce a liquid known as “latex.” It is natural, soft, elastic, waterproof, insulating, and pleasant to the smell and touch.

Sophie is the first teething ring made from 100% natural rubber.

You can purchase yours here!

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Sophie has 2 different rings each with a different texture to soothe your baby’s gums. It is designed so that your baby can hold it himself.

Some drawbacks

It has been noted that Sophie’s paint has come off while the baby chews or bites on the head.  However, the manufacturer of Sophie has indicated that the paint is food-grade and so is non-toxic.

What “not” to give your baby for teething

I think it is important to note that there are certain items you would not want to give your baby for teething relief. One of those items are over-the-counter teething gels and/or tablets. Some of those “home remedies” have been found to have dangerous levels of an ingredient called “belladonna” which can cause seizures and difficulty breathing.

Another type of medication you should never give your child are teething medications that contain benzocaine or lidocaine.  These pain relievers can be both harmful and even “fatal” to your baby.

Word of caution – never give your baby anything until you consult your baby’s doctor!

Teething necklaces, bracelets, or anklets are also on the list of what you should never give your baby while teething. Many of these contain “beads” and can come off and be a choking hazard to your baby.  They also pose a threat for strangulation, mouth injury, and infection.

The original teether gift set

Purchase this for your baby or give it as a gift!

Sophie La Girafe and teether

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Here is a neat little gift set for any baby who is actively teething. He will love this classic little Sophie who’s been around for 55 years!

The Sophie the Giraffe toy  (the original teether) and teething ring is made just like the Sophie above and also note that it is BPA-free.

My final thoughts

It is never easy taking care of your baby when he is obviously having discomfort and pain. As a parent, you feel your little one’s pain and you want to do whatever you can to make them feel better.

I recommend that you follow the guidelines above to make your baby as comfortable as possible. Always remember, when in doubt about something regarding your baby and how to treat her, call your baby’s doctor for advice!

Having a Sophie La Girafe original teether is a great teething toy to have for your little one and it is safe for her to use.

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