What is the Best Baby Food Maker?

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Somewhere between 4 and 6 months of age, your baby will be ready for solids. This is determined by you and your pediatrician and mostly your baby! Some babies seem to be ready for solids at 3 months of age, but it is not recommended because it may contribute to food allergies down the road. If you are a mom who is particular about the foods you give to your family, then I suggest purchasing a baby food maker to ensure your baby gets nothing other than the purest and best food possible. In this review, I will tell you about a very affordable, very popular baby food maker and answer the question, “What is the Best Baby Food Maker?”

What is Evla’s baby food maker?

The baby food maker I am going to tell you about was made and designed by parents just like you and me. So, they had everything in mind as we would such as practicality, ease of use, cleaning, and reliability.

It is called, Evla’s Baby Food Maker. This device is very easy to use and creates fresh, healthy, homemade baby food very easily. The baby food maker is a multi-function food processor that steams, blends, reheats, and defrosts along with sterilizing and it is self-cleaning!

The Evla’s baby food maker has 7 settings!

  1. Steam
  2. Auto blend
  3. Manual blend
  4. Auto clean
  5. Sterilize
  6. Reheat
  7. Defrost


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How does it work?

Using this device is so easy. Start with filling the water tank with approximately 7 ounces of water and secure the tank with the cover. Plug the machine in and press the power button for 3 seconds. You should hear a beep and the control panel will light up.

Remove the stirring cup from the unit by rotating it clockwise and lifting it out. Remove the lid by turning clockwise.

Cut up your vegetables and place them into the steaming basket. The steaming basket sits in the stirring cup. Replace the lid.

Note: Do not overfill the steaming basket.

Next, place the stirring cup in the unit, twist it to lock in place, and turn it on. Make sure the lid remains in the closed position.

Press the steam button and the steam cycle will start. The default steam time is 15 minutes. This can be adjusted up or down by using the time increase or time decrease buttons.

Once the steaming process is complete, you will hear 5 beeps.

Next, you will want to blend the food you have just steamed. Remove the stirring cup from the unit and remove the lid.

Remove the steaming basket and empty the contents back into the stirring cup. You may want to add or remove a little water to match the food consistency for the texture you want.

pureed food

Reattach the stirring cup lid and return the stirring cup to the device securing it with a turn. Double-check that the lid remains in the closed position.

Press the auto blend button and when the auto blend cycle is complete, you will hear a beep, Or, if you prefer to manually blend, press the manual blend button on and off (pulsating blend) until you have reached the consistency you prefer.

Cleaning and maintenance

Evla’s baby food maker is designed to self-clean! Yes, you saw that right!! Cleaning up is always the absolute worst part of any cooking duties. I know I sure do hate that part.

So, how does this wonderful little machine self-clean? I will tell you.


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First, take the stirring up and rinse it out at the sink. Fill the stirring cup with clean water up to the max cleaning line. Attach the spill-proof cover and re-attach the stirring cup to the device as you did before, making sure it is secure by turning it to lock in place.

Press the “clean” button and you will hear a beep when the cleaning cycle is finished. This takes around 45 seconds.

Remove any excess water and leave the unit to air dry.

Also, after every use empty the water tank, clean, and dry it out.


Before its first use and at regular intervals, it is recommended that you fully sterilize this device.

Fill the water tank up to the max line. You can place other items such as pacifiers, in the steaming basket for sterilizing too.

Place the stirring cup into the unit and secure it. Press the sterilize button. The sterilizing process lasts around 10 minutes and will beep 5 times when finished.

Why I think this food processor is the best

I think this little appliance is the best because it has 7 different functions, cleans itself, is super easy to use, and does not take much space on the kitchen counter. It is reasonably priced for all that it delivers.

This is the only baby food maker that I know of that comes with 6 reusable food pouches.

The Big Book of Organic Baby Food is included free! This book gives you recipes for making organic baby food.

Baby food processor
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Organic baby food is the best for baby

In a prior post, I wrote about organic foods and baby foods in detail. Please feel free to check it out and click on the title, “What is Organic Baby Food?” to learn more. Also in that post, there is a link for a cookbook for making baby food, however, that same cookbook is included with Evla’s baby food maker when purchased here from Amazon.

Using organic vegetables and fruit in this food processor is one way to guarantee that your baby is getting the best possible purest food there is. I really cannot say enough good things about it. You really can’t be too careful when it comes to what you are feeding your little one!

The ratings are 4.8/5 stars!

According to Amazon, their customer reviews globally are an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars!

Wrapping it all up

My final thoughts on this neat little appliance is that it is the very best buy for your baby food-making needs. It has the most capabilities/features and you get an organic baby food cookbook as well! I don’t think it gets any better than this!

Please click on the link below to check the price and to purchase!

Evla’s Baby Food Maker

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Questions or comments?

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