Why Children Need Naps

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Sleep is an important part of life for everyone. It is especially important for your preschooler. Children around the age of 3 to 5 require 11 to 13 hours of sleep every day which can include a nap. Their brains are growing as well as the rest of their bodies and so sleep plays a huge role in healthy development and growth. Whether your child is in preschool or at grandma’s house every day, you need a special place for him/her to take a nap. That is where the toddler nap mat comes in to play. The one I will be reviewing is perfect to suit this need and is made for travel. Also, you will understand why children need naps.

Sleep is essential for growth

Sleep is essential for growth and development. It is also important for your child to be able to focus and learn new information. With good sleep patterns, your child will feel fewer negative emotions and will fall asleep faster at bedtime.

Sleep is essential for learning

Just like for adults, when children do not get enough sleep their brains are “foggy.” Have you ever heard the expression, “brain fog?” Well, it is the same for our children too.

And, not only is there brain fog, but irritability comes along with it too! You can always tell a child who has not had enough sleep. Can you say “CRANKY?”

Children cannot learn anything when they are cranky and have brain fog. It’s just a fact.

Sleep is essential to focus

This kind of goes along with the “brain fog” issue because one cannot “focus” if they are experiencing brain fog. It is amazing what proper sleep will do for someone. It not only makes you feel great but is a big part of true health.

When you sleep, your brain is being re-energized and your body is being refreshed as well.

Sleep is essential for mood

Getting the proper amount of sleep will definitely affect your child’s mood. When we sleep, our bodies get a chance to rejuvenate and refresh. This includes our brain function. Children especially need the extra sleep because they are still growing and their nervous systems are still developing.

Sleep will not only affect mood, but it is important for memory, and attention span.

Let’s talk naptime

Depending on the time your child starts her/his day, will depend on the time of day for a “nap.” For instance, my grandchild gets up at 5:00 am and is dropped off at my house by 6:00 am. That is quite an early start for a 2 1/2-year-old.

Generally speaking, my grandson is in a pretty good mood at that early hour. But, by the time 11:00 am rolls around, I can see his eyes looking tired.

Our routine consists of playtime including reading a book and putting together small puzzles, then around 8 to 9 am breakfast, and then a movie or cartoon time. By then it is 11:00 am and he is ready for his nap. I have set this routine in motion from the start and it works wonderfully. Actually, by naptime, grandma is ready for a small break too!

An ideal spot for a nap

Since I live in a two-story house, I do not put my grandson in my spare bedroom upstairs. I need to be able to keep an eye on him so I keep him downstairs with me.

Having a nap mat is the way to go at my house and I want to share one with you. This nap mat is ideal no matter where your toddler/preschooler is during the day. This will work at grandma’s, daycare, or preschool.

Your child will love his/her nap mat or as I like to call it – a sleeping bag. Your little one will be excited to “go for a nap” when he’s with you!!

Check it out below. I have listed a few different pattern choices with their links below. Click on the links or the pictures to check the price and to purchase. Get yours today while supplies last!

JumpOff Jo – Toddler Nap Mat – Children’s Sleeping Bag with Removable Pillow for Preschool, Daycare, Sleepovers

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This is a nap mat, pillow, and blanket all rolled into one! The nap mat is 43 inches long and 21 inches wide. It has a very soft interior on the blanket and has a built-in name tag.

This children’s “sleeping bag” can be easily rolled up and carried to wherever you are going.

The JumpOff Jo Toddler Nap Mat is designed to be very comfortable for your child. It has a padded bottom, an attached blanket that is super soft, and a 10-inch high pillow. Note: the actual pillow can be removed before washing the sleeping bag/nap mat.

Details for fabric and machine washing

  • Fabric Care Details:
    Wash before use
    Machine wash cold
    Do not bleach
    Tumble dry low
    Remove promptly
    Iron of lowest setting, if needed

    Front: 100% Cotton
    Back: 100% Polyester
    Filling: 100% Polyester

    Pillow and Mat:
    Shell: 100% Cotton
    Filling: 100% Polyester

Besides the details above, there are other reasons to love these nap mats. The designs that are available are so adorable and make this particular sleeping bag even more special. Some of these designs are below such as: Dinosaurs, Fairy Blossoms, Llama and Mama, and Playful Pandas. Click on each link below to see more and to purchase.

Other designs


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Fairy blossoms

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Llama and mama

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Playful pandas

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Closing thoughts

I sure hope you enjoyed this blog and found it to be of help to you. As I said earlier, it is important for children to take their naps so they have no delays in their growth and development. I hope you see and understand the “why children need their naps” and will make sure your little gets his or her sleep.

Thank you for reading!!!

Questions or comments?

Please feel free to drop a line or two with your questions or comments. I will respond back as soon as I can!

Happy napping!!







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