A New Adventure – Becoming a grandma

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I am very excited about this new adventure and stage of my life. My passions include watching my grandson. I have set up my home for him so that when he is over, I have all I need to take care of him. Did I mention I love to shop for baby items? It is so much fun looking at those tiny little baby clothes and remembering when my own boys were that little. Time sure does fly by fast. So, enjoy that little one of yours and indulge in every minute. Take time to play, read a book and do special things together. Every season brings a special time for outings. For instance, autumn is classic for the apple orchards and hay rides. Spring is great for kite flying, bike riding and don’t forget the Easter bunny. Summer is great for just about anything including water parks, Cedar Pointe, Sea World etc., and don’t forget winter time with snow sledding, ice skating and making snowmen!

Whatever it is you enjoy doing with your baby, enjoy it all and take lots of pictures and home movies. You will never regret it!

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