There’s Nothing Like A Boppy Pillow

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If you’ve ever held a sweet little baby in your arms for any length of time, you will know what I mean when I say that your arm will eventually feel like it is going to break off or your arm becomes numb. It is the same when you are holding an infant for a feeding. After a while, your arm gets tired and you need to rest it somewhere, right? Also, that tiny baby who may weigh only 9 pounds will feel like 20 pounds after about 15 minutes. I want to tell you why I found the Boppy feeding and infant support pillow to be the best solution to this problem and why I say, “There’s nothing like a Boppy pillow!”

Boppy original nursing pillow and positioner

First, I would like to explain what the Boppy pillow is and how it is used. The Boppy pillow is shaped like a “U” so it will wrap around your waist when you sit down to feed your baby. In other words, it ergonomically supports you while nursing or bottle-feeding.

Second, I want to tell you how you can use this pillow for all of your baby’s different stages of growth for the first year. Not only can you use this for feeding time, but there are 3 other ways you can use this fantastic pillow.

Here are the ways:

  1. When your baby is around 3 months old, you can use the Boppy pillow to wrap around him so he can sit up at an angle “safely.”
  2. At around 6 months old, you can use the Boppy for “tummy time.”
  3. Around 9 months of age, you can sit him up with the Boppy.

Please see the video here.

(Video source: Boppy)

Multiple feeding styles

There are different ways or angles that you can hold your baby during feeding time. One of the ways is the cradle hold and then there are the cross-cradle hold, football hold, and bottle feeding holds. I have discussed in more detail the different types of holds in my prior post titled “Medela Breast Pump [Hospital Grade for Best Performance].

Removable slipcover

The Boppy pillow comes with a removable slipcover which is machine washable and dryable.

In addition, there are 12 different colors and patterns available and can be purchased separately. Click on the link below to find more color options, check the price, and get yours today!

Boppy Original Nursing Pillow & Positioner, Neutral Jungle Colors

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Product dimensions

The original Boppy pillow is 20 x 16 x 5.5 inches.

Water-resistant protective cover

There is a water-resistant protective cover that you can purchase for your Boppy pillow. It is recommended, but not an absolute necessity. Because you can wash the pillow as well as the fabric cover in your washing machine. Just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions.

If you prefer not to wash the pillow itself, then the water-resistant cover is what you will want to get.

Click the link below for yours!

Boppy Water-resistant Protective Nursing Pillow Cover

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Awake time only!

The Boppy support pillow is to be used for awake time only and is NOT for the baby to sleep with! For obvious reasons such as suffocation, you never want to put your little down for a nap or bedtime with the Boppy pillow. It is for awake time only and only to be used under direct supervision.

Great baby shower gift

The Boppy makes one of the greatest baby shower gifts you can get for an expecting mom! She will absolutely love you for giving her this gift. There are so many uses for this and it is a gift that can be used for the baby for a whole year!

Ratings are 4.8 out of 5!

Most parents give the Boppy original infant support and feeding pillow a 5 out of 5-star rating. There are however a few who give it a lesser rating. For example, there are a select few who have not used the Boppy pillow as it was intended or designed for use. I found a select few who did not find it to be firm enough. All in all, this support pillow gets a 5-star rating!

A few slipcovers for your Boppy

I am attaching a few options for covers for your Boppy. They range about 10 dollars each and they are so adorable! Here are a few, just click the link to check the price and get one for yourself.

Earth Tone Woodland

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Watercolor Animals

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Animals & Rainbows

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My concluding thoughts

I hope you found this article helpful and encouraging that you can hold your baby for as long as you want while having all the support that you need. This support is definitely needed for your arms and for your back.

Feeding time will not feel as rushed because your arm may be falling asleep or that you are having a backache. Those days are gone with a Boppy support pillow. You will love how it feels to hold your baby close and at a perfect angle for either feeding or looking into those beautiful eyes!

Be sure to check into all of the links above to find your favorite patterns/colors and be sure to click the link for the Boppy pillow. Remember, the Boppy comes with a cover, so when you purchase a separate one you will have an alternate for washing.

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Questions or comments?

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Happy Boppy shopping!














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