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There are many concerns nowadays about the safety of baby food that is sold in supermarkets. Not too long ago I heard and read about a certain brand of pre-made baby food that had an alarming amount of toxic substances. The only way really, to have peace of mind on what you are feeding your baby is to make the food yourself. I wrote about a baby food maker in a prior post, but I have found the Baby Brezza Glass Baby Food Maker to be among the best baby food makers. I will tell you about this machine and I know you will breeze through making baby food!

A baby food maker that is fast and easy

The very first important step to making baby food is to buy fresh, organic vegetables and fruits. The next step is to use the Baby Brezza to process these veggies and fruits in one easy step. 10 minutes is about what it will take for fresh baby food!

I am going to walk you through using this baby food maker and I am sure you are going to want one for yourself and your baby.

Glass 1 step baby food maker

Baby Brezza’s glass one-step baby food maker comes with a 4-cup glass bowl. It automatically steams & blends fruits and/or vegetables in about 10 minutes to a perfect consistency. Click the link below to see the video for a full demonstration.

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Baby Brezza 1-step Glass Baby Food Maker

3-in-1 functionality

The Baby Brezza has steam & blend, steam only, and blend only functions so you can use this in a variety of ways. Here is another great thing – you can use it for other reasons, see below.

Great for non-baby foods too!

You can use this machine to steam pasta, vegetables, make hard-boiled eggs and you can even make soup. Even after your baby has moved on to big people’s food, you can continue to use this for your regular cooking needs.

Easy to clean

This baby food maker is very easy to clean. All you have to do is remove the water tank to clean and the bowel and blade are dishwasher safe. The parts in the machine are very easy to take apart for cleaning too.

Why this is so important

People everywhere are so much busier these days. Having a baby certainly adds extra duties to our already too large list of things to do. Then, we all want to make sure our kids are eating safe, healthy, and nutritious foods. However, we think we do not have time to “make our own baby food” and spend quite a lot of money in purchasing commercially prepared baby foods. Even if the label states “organic” you really cannot be 100% sure it is truly a pure food.

There seems to be more and more incidents of contaminants in baby foods which should cause some alarm. Like I stated earlier, it is best to make your own. Now you can and with little extra effort and time.

This is the most important reason to consider this machine – you can know what you are giving your baby and have peace of mind.

Best puree maker

The Baby Brezza Glass Food Maker was named ‘Best Puree Maker’ by Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine.

Click on the link below to check the price (I believe there is a discount) and get yours today!

Baby Brezza Glass Baby Food Maker

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Baby Brezza Organic Baby Food Cookbook

The Baby Brezza cookbook is designed especially for (of course) the Baby Brezza baby food maker.

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In this cookbook, you will find easy and nutritious meal recipes. The recipes are organized according to the timeframe for introducing foods to support your baby’s development over the first 12 months.

It includes nutritional tips and helpful feeding guidelines with easy, step-by-step cooking and storing directions.

Click the link below to get your cookbook today!!

Baby Brezza Organic Baby Food Cookbook

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Food storage

Prepare your baby food in advance, store it, and then heat up for when you need it. Lots of moms do this for a week at a time. However, even if you decide not to do that, it still only takes 10 minutes to prepare a dish.

Here is my suggestion for containers for your baby meal preparations. The WeeSprout Glass Baby Food Storage Containers | 12 Set | 4 oz Baby Food Jars with Lids are perfect for your baby food storing needs.

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These containers are glass, perfect for the freezer and they are dishwasher safe as well as microwave safe!

Along with being microwave safe, the containers are 100% BPA-free, phthalate-free, PVC-free, and germ resistant.

The lids on these containers provide air-tight freshness as well as no chance of your food getting freezer burned or becoming stale.

These glass sets come in 2 color varieties. The one pictured above is called “Bright Variety” and the other color choice is called “Matte Variety.” I will post a link below for each of these choices along with a picture. Click on either of these links below to get yours today!

WeeSprout Glass Baby Food Storage Containers – Bright Variety

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WeeSprout Glass Baby Food Storage Containers – Matte Variety

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)


Another fantastic baby food maker

In a prior post, I wrote about another favorite baby food maker of mine. It is the Evla’s Baby Food Maker. This machine is another great choice for preparing your own baby food and if you would like to check it out, click this link: Evla’s Baby Food Maker.

My conclusion

It is my goal to provide you with equipment and tools to help you and every parent and caregiver in providing healthy, nutritious meals for your baby. As a mother and grandparent, I look for the very best for our children. As an RN, I look for the absolute healthiest options that are available. Baby Brezza is a reputable company with great products and even though Evla’s seems to be a fairly new company, it appears to have produced a great product. This is why I endorse both of these baby food makers.

Questions or comments?

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