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When you hold your precious little newborn baby in your arms, the reality sets in that you are holding a “little human.” And, this little human belongs to you! While I know that thought can be a little intimidating, being the mom or dad of this baby will bring great joy and fulfillment to your life. Your journey with your baby has just begun and I know you want to teach him all you can and love him to the moon and back. An important part of this journey is to nurture your little one’s emotional well-being and as he grows, you the parent can encourage the development of a stable, healthy mindset for your child. One of the ways to do this is to lead your child with a journal and teach him how to use one. In this article, I will tell you how a journal helps and encourages children, why it would be considered a necessary item and at what age you should start your child with one. I offer some suggestions for starter journals along with a favorite of mine – Happy Mindset Little Journal for children ages 6 to 12. Let’s begin!

How will a journal help my child?

Emotional health is just as important as physical health. As your child grows, it is vitally important to instill a positive and healthy view of himself or herself. Along with your interactions with your child, using a “specially designed” journal will be a great tool to use.

Using a journal that has activities and inspirational quotes will help to promote self-confidence and positivity.

When your child completes the different activities, he will actually be learning how to handle different challenges which in turn will help him throughout life.

This type of journaling is actually “training the brain” how to face a challenge and work through it.

What will my child learn?

When your child works through this journal, he or she will learn many things. Here is a list of what he will learn:

  • Develop a growth mindset. In other words, he will be able to learn new information much better as his brain will train to learn new concepts.
  • Express feelings and identify emotions.
  • Develop a positive outlook on life. There are many “inspirational quotes” your child will learn and can incorporate into his own life.
  • Be presistent. The activities will teach persistence which is the key for learning.
  • Understand it is ok to make mistakes.
  • Believe he can always improve.
  • Be grateful.
  • Accept that everyone is different.
  • Better understand himself/herself.
  • Grow up to be a more mentally stronger adult.

Why the Happy Mindset Little Journal ?

The Happy Mindset Little Journal is composed of inspirational activities, quotes, inquisitive questions, creative illustrations, and writing prompts.

This “guided” journal has included many meaningful quotes that will encourage your child to be optimistic no matter what he tries to do and to persevere with a positive attitude. He or she will learn that even a failure is part of the learning process and a part of success – all of which increases self-confidence.

This journal has colorful pages and creative activities. This will keep him engaged and intrigued. The activities in this book are designed to have your child think and to be able to draw his own conclusions.

It is scientifically proven there is a link between a positive mindset and achievement. Having this journal for your child will absolutely make a difference in his emotions and his academic success. It has been proven that writing in a journal regularly improves emotional health and increases positive attitudes.

Mood improvement is another benefit to journaling. As your child works through this journal, he will feel a sense of fulfillment and happiness.

You will benefit as well, because when you teach your child how to understand and express his thoughts and feelings, he will grow to be more emotionally healthy.

What the Happy Mindset Little Journal is

This journal is a 90-day journal filled with 60 pages of fun activities! Your child however can work at his own pace. It does not have to be completed within 90 days.

The Happy Mindset Little Journal is a great way to introduce your child to journaling.

Click on the link below to find out more, check the price an purchase one for your child today!

Happy Mindset Little Journal: Kids Interactive Journal Prompts and Daily Activities to Help Children Develop a Growth Mindset. Colorful, Self-Learning and Fun! (Ages 6-12)

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When should  my child start to journal?

It is recommended that around age 6 your child should be ready  and encouraged to start journaling. The “starters” in this article are a great place to begin.

Another great journal for kids

The 3 Minute Gratitude Journal for Kids: A Journal to Teach Children to Practice Gratitude and Mindfulness

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

This is a great journal to teach your child to have an attitude of gratitude. It teaches children to focus on being thankful for what they have no matter how big or small.

It contains a daily spread for your child to list 3 things he/she is grateful for, a person who brought him/her joy and how he/she felt about his/her day.

This is a very kid-friendly journal and your child will enjoy this.

Make this a habit every day, preferably in the morning. Starting each day with 3 things he/she is thankful for – a family, a favorite teacher, starting a good book – you begin each day on the right note.

Click the link below to check the price and grab your copy today for your child and maybe one for a friend!

The 3 Minute Gratitude Journal for Kids: A Journal to Teach Children to Practice Gratitude and Mindfulness

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

Final thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this article and found it not only interesting but intriguing to pick up one of these journals for your son or daughter. It is truly a great thing to purchase for your child and he/she will learn greatly from it. It is something that not only will your child benefit from but you as well. You will be so proud of your son or daughter and you will see them grow to be well-grounded emotionally as well as academically!

Questions or comments?

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