What’s the Best Diaper Bag?

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Are you an expectant mom? Or, are you a mom who is in need of a great diaper bag with lots of room to put diapers, wipes, ointment, bottles, etc? How about a diaper bag that does more than providing that extra room, but also converts to a baby changing area? Well look no further, I think I may have a solution for you and I think you will absolutely love this diaper bag. So, what’s the best diaper bag? It is the YOOFOSS Diaper Bag Backpack, Baby Nappy Changing Bags Multifunction Travel Back Pack with Changing Pad & Stroller Straps, Large Capacity, and Waterproof! I will walk you through the features of this diaper bag here. Let’s begin.

Diaper bag
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What is the Yoofoss diaper bag backpack and how does it work?

First I would like to explain what the Yoofoss diaper bag backpack is and how it will function for you.

This diaper bag is large and measures 12X10X15 inches and it serves as a carry bag for all your baby’s essential needs. It even has a USB port for your cell phone. There is also a holder for your car keys in the main inside storage area. It is a long piece of material that you can easily grab and attach your keys.

There are 2 stroller straps on this bag to secure it to the stroller when you are going for a walk.

Let’s start with the interior. The interior or main compartment area has 6 pockets and the outside area has 2 insulated bottle pockets. There are 2 waterproof pockets with zippers that can store wet items to keep the bag clean. There is a total of 10 pockets to keep all of your items organized and easy to retrieve.

Now here’s a really great part, this diaper bag has the parts to form a changing area and can function as a safe place for baby to take a nap.

You simply take the 2 retractable rods out and then unfold the diaper bag. Insert each rod into each side (you will see the pockets for the rods) and then take the changing pad and place it into the bottom.

There you go! A place to change your baby and a place for him to sleep (in case you are out visiting friends or grandma’s house).

This will accommodate a baby from newborn to 12 months of age.

Where can I use this backpack?

This diaper bag can be used whether you are going to grandma’s house, traveling abroad, or going to the beach or park. This will especially come in handy when at either of these places so it will alleviate the need to walk and search for a baby station area.

What I love about this diaper bag

I love the fact that it has so many different pockets so I can keep everything organized. There is a place for your bottles, wipes, clothes, diapers and the pockets are outside as well as inside.

The outside pockets for bottles are insulated so you can keep your baby’s formula or milk warm or cold – whichever you choose.

I really love the fact that if you are out and the baby needs to take a nap, you can just unfold this beauty, add the rods, the pad and you’re all set – a place for baby to sleep!

I sure wish there was a diaper bag like this when my kids were little. I would’ve thought I was in heaven!

This bag is lightweight and even though it is large in size and capacity, it weighs only 2.9 pounds (when not filled with stuff that is). This will not add too much weight after you have packed all that you need.

What I do not like about this bag

One thing I do not like is that there is no sunshade to go over the top of the sleeping area. This would mean that if you take this to the beach and your little one needs a nap, you had better bring a large umbrella to open up and place over your baby.

Amazon global ratings 4.6/5

Amazon’s global ratings for this item is 4.6 out of 5!

Why this is the best diaper bag

This is a great diaper bag/backpack for all of the reasons above and because you can never be too prepared when traveling with your baby. You need a change of clothes, diapers, wipes, ointment for the bottom or powder, bibs, burp cloths, and the list goes on.

Also, I want to mention that this bag comes in 5 other colors and patterns besides pink. You can check it out here by clicking this link.

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So here you have it! You have several items for your baby wrapped up in one diaper bag! A changing area, a portable crib, and a roomy, organized diaper bag.

Click the link to check the price and to purchase yours now!

 Yoofoss diaper bag backpack


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

My conclusion

All in all, I think this baby diaper bag is the best because it has so many features and in the long run saves so much money. You get a portable crib or cot whichever you want to call it, a changing area to change your baby’s diaper and/or change his clothes, and a diaper bag with a USB cable and keys holder. I encourage you to click the link above to find out more about it and to check the price. I think you will be pleasantly surprised!!

Questions or comments?

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