Baby Shoes – (A Classic Look)

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When your baby is learning to walk, it is important that he or she has good ankle support as well as good arch support. These baby shoes are made with a premium leather upper with a high-top design and a rubber sole. Most babies when learning to walk may try to stand on the sides of their feet or decide to stand on their tippy-toes. These shoes will prevent that from happening and will allow your baby to stand on both feet flat on the floor giving stability for them. Your child will be walking in no time at all.


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Shoes are important

It is very important that your baby’s first pair of shoes for learning to walk are well made and of good quality. Your little one’s feet are growing as is the rest of his body and you want to get him off to a great start. You want to make sure his feet grow properly and without any restrictions. Also, good ankle support is just as important for development and strength.

Size chart and fitting info

The size charts for a baby’s shoes generally show measurements that allow room for the growth of a baby’s foot. For example, a size 3 for age 6-9 months will be slightly large on your baby’s foot to accommodate growth.

For an older child, when you put the shoe on his foot while standing, there should be between  1/4 and 1/2 inch between the tip of the big toe and the edge of the shoe. Sizing is important as you do not want them too big or too small.

The Good Ole Days

Years ago, there were children’s shoe stores that specialized in fitting young feet with well-made shoes. I remember taking each of my children when they were ready to walk and having them fitted with walking shoes. I really do miss those days. Things are a bit different now, but I am happy to say that you can still get these quality shoes for your baby. They will make great “keepsakes” when your children are grown. Do you still have your baby shoes?


Great gift for the baby in your life

The Baby Deer High Top Leather shoes will make a great gift for your grandbaby if you are a grandparent. If you are a parent, this will be the most important pair of shoes you will ever buy for your baby.

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Baby Deer High Top Leather

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