A Child Harness for Walking?

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I remember when I was a little girl and my mom would take me along shopping. I had a very bad habit of always running off. It would scare her to death and would end up having everyone in the store looking around for me. When I was found, she would give me the biggest scolding anyone has ever seen. Back then, however, there were no such things as a “harness” and I know now that my mother would’ve surely purchased one for me! I myself never had a problem with any of my boys when they were growing up. But I think that if they were ever like me, I definitely would have gotten one. So this brings me to the question, “a child harness for walking?” and I would have to answer a resounding yes! In this article, I will tell you about a harness that is good for children ages 1 through 3 years of age and go over the advantages and disadvantages of a child harness.

Baby Safety Walking Harness


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This baby/child safety walking harness is designed to keep your child safe and your nerves calm.

The baby safety harness is a one-size-fits-most for kids aged 1 to 3 years old. It has an adjustable safety buckle and the straps help to maintain perfect positioning.

For added cuteness, there are “angel wings” that are stitched into the back of the harness. It is absolutely adorable! It is a beautiful shade of blue so it would be considered unisex – use it for your boy or girl.

The anti-lost strap is secured to the harness/vest with a 360-degree rotational attachment. This makes for easy maneuverability. Please note that this attachment is metal, not plastic.

Why would you use the safety harness?

If your child does not like to stay by your side when in public places, then I would recommend this for you. In the day and age in which we live, you can never be too careful.

When out for a walk, the possibility of your child breaking away from your hand and running into the street can very well happen. Or, if you are on vacation at an amusement park, children get very easily excited and run to what attracts them. In a crowded place, it can be hard to find your child.

The “why” behind having a harness is pretty self-explanatory. Also, you don’t want to take a chance that someone might run away with your child.

I know these are some very harsh thoughts, but each one could very well happen and we need to consider these things and then take appropriate precautions.

When would I use a safety harness for my child?

Anytime you are planning on being in public whether it is the store, a shopping mall, at an airport or simply going for a walk, you should have this harness on your child.

As the old saying goes, “you can never be too careful!”


When your child gets a little older, this child safety harness comes with a wrist-to-wrist set. You can still have him or her connected to you anywhere you go.

Mom’s best choice

Amazon has noted that the Baby Safety Walking Harness-Child Toddler Anti-Lost Belt Harness Reins with Leash Kids Assistant Strap Angel Wings Travel Harness for 1-3 Years Boys and Girls (Blue) is “Mom’s best choice” – relieves mommies’ tense nerves and tired shoulders.

The ratings

The customer ratings on this harness are 4.4 out of 5 stars.


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

What parents are saying

The majority of parents around the world are saying this is a great harness. A grandparent refers to it as his grandson’s “wings” and the grandchild does not mind wearing it.

Other parents are saying this is a relief because they do not have to worry about their children running off with zero warning. That is so true, especially when it comes to toddlers.

Many parents are saying this is a must-have for every parent with a toddler!

The durability of the harness

This harness is made quite well and it has metal clips where you attach the cord to the harness. The metal clips make this a strong and sturdy connection for less chance it will snap or break. The coil is made of 49 thickened steel wires.

Click the link below to check the price and purchase one today!

Baby Safety Walking Harness-Child Toddler Anti-Lost Belt Harness Reins with Leash Kids Assistant Strap Angel Wings Travel Harness for 1-3 Years Boys and Girls (Blue)


(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

Final thoughts

As I mentioned earlier, I myself was one of those “running kids” when I was a toddler. If these harnesses were out back then, I have no doubt my mother would have had one for me!

I know that some people may think that using a child harness may be a cruel thing to do. But I ask you, would you rather your child ran off or someone snatch him? That is a very sobering thought and when you put things in perspective, it is actually cruel to not use one of these. This is just my opinion on the matter and is not to be taken as a judgmental statement.

I highly recommend the Baby Safety Walking Harness and hope that if you have a toddler, you purchase one today. See and click the link above for more information and to purchase.

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