Amazon Fire Tablet for Kids Review

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Let me begin by saying that I absolutely love my Kindle. I purchased my first one in 2010 and I have since purchased another. I have the paperwhite because it suits my needs as I love to read. Now that my grandson is a little older, I have noticed that he too loves books. I have purchased small toy computers for him suitable for a toddler, but now I have my eye on the new Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet – the Amazon Fire Tablet for kids. I have looked at all it has to offer and I think this is going to be perfect for him. 

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I will be watching my little guy 5 days a week and I want to be able to not only entertain him but also have the ability to sit and teach him using a fun approach. Learning should be fun and hold our attention. I found the perfect solution. I want to share what I found with you all. So, here goes.

This does everything!

The Amazon Fire Tablet for kids has over 20,000 apps, games, books, videos, audible books, and educational content from PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney, and more.

It comes in a kid-proof case with a built-in stand. You can set your child down at the table, set it up and either watch a movie or play a game. This will not only be used for entertainment but is educational too. If your child is school age, this is a great tool for learning as it is a real tablet and functions as one.

Don’t worry about them surfing the internet, there are parental controls that you can set so your child will be safe.

Set a time limit and be in control

The parental controls allow you to put a time limit on your child’s screen time, filter the content your child sees, and set educational goals. There is an Amazon parent dashboard for you to use. Within the parent dashboard, you can set up Netflix, Minecraft, and Zoom!  

Audible books

Storytime can be made easier for when you put your child down for a nap and you have something else you need to do. Sometimes I just need to take that conference call and I have to have something to keep my grandson’s attention, audible book here I come!!

Sweet music!

My grandson absolutely loves music! Every time music comes on, whether it be a TV commercial, songs in a movie or television show, he starts dancing and singing. It is a most adorable sight to see!  I love that this tablet has access to tons of music in all varieties and I can use this to play music for him.

Videos and Nickelodeon!

My grandson loves to watch Nickelodeon and I imagine he is not the only one. A couple of his favorite shows are Paw Patrol, Sponge Bob SquarePants, and Blues Clues. Well, on this tablet I can have these favorite shows anywhere we go and I love that!! He does too!!


Another important feature for us is Disney movies. There are many favorites in this family, but one, in particular, I have watched with my grandson is 101 Dalmatians. I think I know the script my heart! With this tablet, I can take those 101 Dalmatians and my grandson anywhere!!

Through the ages

As my little gem grows, so will the Fire Tablet for kids. I will be able to use this from now until he is a teenager. I have everything I need right within this tablet. I love that it is suitable for him now (he is almost 3) and I will be able to use it for teaching him, entertaining him, and spending quality time with him. He is already learning how to maneuver apps on a phone and loves to watch me on my computer. This will allow me to teach him how to use apps and to learn other things such as his ABCs right on his own tablet. Of course, at first, I will have to supervise him with this as it is not a toy (although it looks like one). But, it is in a very sturdy case and is pretty much kid-proof.

Lots of storage

One of the things I like about this newest or latest generation Fire Tablet for kids is that it has a 10.1 ” screen and is high definition (HD). There are 32 GB of storage and is compatible with a microSD card for up to 512 GB of additional storage. That is a lot of memory. This is important because you can store movies or games for your child to use when wi-fi is not available.

Did you know?

Amazon Kids+ includes thousands of Spanish language books, videos, apps, games, and audible books. I love this feature because everyone can benefit from this. Whatever language is your native tongue, you and your child can enjoy this. Learning a new language is a great thing if Spanish is not your native tongue.

Recommended accessories

There are accessories that are available such as a Bluetooth kids headset, screen protector, kids tablet backpack, memory card, power adaptor, and a zippered sleeve. I would recommend getting the headset for your child to minimize distractions. This is important when “school” is in session.

I also recommend getting either the zippered sleeve or the backpack so when the tablet is not in use it can be stored safely. Remember this is not a toy, it is a computer/tablet.


The Amazon Fire Tablet for Kids comes with a 2-year warranty. So if you break it within that time frame, Amazon will replace it at no additional cost to you. It is good to have that peace of mind, especially when it comes to electronics.

Very good investment

If you are looking for a high-quality, efficient, and durable tablet for your child, this is the one for you. Also, a good thing to know is Amazon stands behind their product and offers a generous warranty period of 2 years.

Every parent or grandparent should have one

I hope you enjoyed my review of this amazing kid’s tablet. In my opinion, every parent and/or grandparent should have one as this serves both for quality entertainment and educational purposes. Guess what’s next on my list for things to get for my little munchkin?

Just wanted to tell you this comes in blue, pink, or purple to suit every child’s color choice.

Here’s the pink:

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

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