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If you are looking for a baby bassinet that will self rock, this is the one for you. Not only does it self rock, but it has many features that other baby bassinets do not have.

Unique features

This baby bassinet will rock, vibrate and play soothing sounds if your baby starts to cry. The vibration feature has 2 speeds and the rocking feature has 3 different speeds. There are options for white noise, music and nature sounds.

Control panel

There is a control panel that lights up when your baby is in the bassinet. You can set the controls for how and when you want any of these features to work and you can dim the control panel for nighttime use. When you turn the control panel off, it saves your last setting so when you turn it back on, you are good to go!

Graco Move ‘n Soothe Bassinet  

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There are 3 small storage pockets on the side of the bassinet below the control panel which can allow for a few diapers or a pacifier.  This is not meant to be a changing table, so if you have to change your baby during the night, it’s best to have your changing table handy in your room or prepare the top of your dresser with a changing pad for the middle of the night diaper changes.

Reversible canopy and airy mesh sides

The mesh sides are a great feature as it allows airflow through the sides of the bassinet. The reversible canopy will block the sun to provide shade for your little one.

Easy to move around

The Graco Move ‘n Soothe Bassinet has its wheels located on the front of the bassinet. This will allow you to move it around your home easily.

Comfort for your baby

This baby bassinet has an extra soft mattress that comes with a cover that can be removed easily for washing.

Easy to assemble

It will take you anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes to assemble this bassinet. You only need one screwdriver for one screw. This product has a wall plug that powers the bassinet.


This baby bassinet gets a 4.4 out of 5-star rating according to Amazon!


I think this is the best baby bassinet on the market so far. I love that it sets in motion rocking, vibrations, and music when it senses baby’s cry. This would have made my life a lot easier when my children were babies! We had no such thing back then. Look at how far we’ve come in the 21st century. It just amazes me!

Purchase yours here!

Graco Move ‘n Soothe Bassinet  

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

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