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Any new mom knows just how hectic things can get when you have a newborn baby. There are so many things to take care of besides your sweet new little bundle of joy and life can get overwhelming. Especially when you are running on low to no sleep and feel like you are going to keel over. So, anything that can ease the stress and make your life easier should be first in your mind. I completely understand as I have been a mom 3 times and I found one important item that will help save you time. It’s called the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Formula Dispenser Machine. In this article, I will tell you what it is, how to use it including information on setting it up, and why this is an awesome little appliance. Make life a breeze with Baby Brezza!

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What is Baby Brezza Pro Advanced Formula Dispenser Machine?

This machine is a wonderful lifesaver and I am taking this stance because of all the rave reviews I have seen on this! The Baby Brezza will make your baby’s bottle fast, mixing the water and formula powder to a perfect consistency at the temperature you select with very little to no bubbles. This is essential for preventing colic (gas) in your infant. Also, there will be no “hot spots” to worry about as the temperature of the bottle will be even throughout.

When you’re awakened at 2 am from your little one crying for hunger, you will be so glad you have Baby Brezza in your kitchen! All it takes is a push of a button and your bottle is made and mixed to perfection!

This neat little machine has me excited for you. Baby Brezza mixes, heats, and dispenses formula to the perfect consistency. It has a water-only dispenser as well.

How do you set up the dispenser?

Click on this link to view a video on set-up for this machine.

After you have completed the initial set-up you are ready to make your formula.

What do I need to know before making formula?

The Baby Brezza will make just about any sized bottle you want to make. You can set it to make anywhere from 2 to 10-ounce bottles in 1-ounce increments.

There are 3 temperature settings – room temperature, body temperature, or warmer than body temperature. You can choose formula/water or water only.

Also, the Baby Brezza works with all baby bottle brands and sizes. It works with just about every brand of formula as well.

Click on this link to view a video on how to use the control panel to make your bottle and to understand indicators and warning symbols.

Hypoallergenic formulas and Similac Alimentum

When it comes to mixing special formulas such as the hypoallergenic version and certain others like Similac’s Alimentum, the powders can be difficult to mix. The powder is resistant to water and so it takes a little more effort and time to mix. Also, you still have to keep as many bubbles out of the formula as possible. Remember bubbles in the formula are going to cause gas in your baby.

So, how does Baby Brezza solve this problem?

Click this link to see the video about this and to see how Baby Brezza mixes this type of formula.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

What other parents are saying

Parents all over the world are loving this machine. They all have the same response – buy this machine! They talk about the ease of use, how this helps with colic, perfectly blended bottle at the right temperature within seconds!!!

There are a few parents out there that have said that it wastes powder, or that they have to clean the machine, etc. I personally do not feel that these are legitimate complaints. As with any appliance, cleaning is one of those things you just cannot get around.

Preventing colic and helping colicky babies

The Baby Brezza does such a great job of mixing your baby’s bottle and does it with next to no bubbles. Bubbles in your baby’s formula are going to mean “air” in your infant’s stomach which then turns into horrible stomach pains due to “gas.” And there you go, you have a very upset baby who is going to scream and cry because of gas pain.

I believe that for that feature alone this formula maker is worth every penny. I believe you will think so too!

Click on the link below to check the price and get one for yourself!

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Formula Dispenser Machine – Automatically Mix a Warm Formula Bottle Instantly – Easily Make Bottle with Automatic Powder Blending


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

My concluding thoughts

Having a formula dispenser is of great benefit to parents who have babies aged newborn to 12-months old. This will especially be appreciated at those 3-4 AM feedings and you are in a hurry to get that bottle ready! Truly, I only wish there was something like this when my kids were born. It would have made my life so much easier.

So now you have it. I encourage you to take advantage of the Baby Brezza formula dispenser machine. Also, feel free to check out my post on a baby food maker. This will come in handy for you when your baby is ready to start solids! Click here to see this article and product.

Questions or comments?

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