What are the best diapers for a newborn baby?

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Cloth vs disposable

The question many people have when they are getting close to the arrival of the newest little member of the family, is what type of diaper should we use? There are so many options to choose from. But then, which one is best for baby? What are the best diapers for a newborn baby?

Of course as a grandma, I do have my opinion. But first I want to show you the different aspects of each type of diaper. So, here goes.

The benefits of cloth diapers

Cloth diapers without a doubt are the softest diaper you can use for your baby. You can purchase them just about anywhere and are a great option if your baby has extra-sensitive skin. You will want to purchase at least 36 cloth diapers, however I suggest that you get 48. Babies at newborn age go through approximately 8 to 10 diapers per day which means you will be using them very quickly and you do not want to run out. Whether you plan on laundering them yourself or sending them out to a diaper service, you need to have extra on hand for those extra “little accidents.” Also, I use the Gerber white cloth diapers as burp cloths.

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The cloth diaper does have quite a few benefits such as saving money, less harmful chemicals, comfort and possibly reduce diaper rash and less landfill waste. Cloth diapers have come a long way since the old days in that they now come in colors and prints! They used to come in only one color – white! If you choose to not do the laundry yourself, there are diaper service companies that will pick up your dirty diapers one a week and return them to you nice and clean. Prices vary and you will have to search it out on your own according to the city you live in and what’s available. But for the most part, when you consider what you would be paying for the disposable diapers, I believe it would be pretty much a washout, no pun intended! There may be some savings though in the long run.

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

The benefits of disposable diapers

There is no question that disposable diapers are the most convenient way to diaper your baby. There are quite a few brands to choose from and they come in hypoallergenic for your sensitive baby’s skin. They can be more absorbent for overnight use and prevent leaks. I personally prefer the disposables because I think they keep the baby’s skin dryer as they have that absorbent quality to them that is not always the case for cloth.

It is also a great option for working mothers as they are taking their baby to daycare or grandma’s house. I watch my grandson and I use disposable diapers for him. It just makes more sense for his mama and me as we are both very busy. My little peanut does not have an issue with his skin so we are fortunate the disposable works just fine. I keep diapers for him at my house so I am prepared whenever they drop him off. As far as the money factor, as I said before, I think it is a pretty close call when you compare either a laundry service or washing them at home with the use of electricity, water, and soap to the cost of buying the disposables.

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

baby in diaperSo what are the best diapers for your newborn?

The answer to this question lies with you. Think about your lifestyle. Are you a working mom? Do you stay at home? How much time do you have for extra laundry or do you plan on sending diapers out for cleaning? Is grandma going to watch your little one or is he or she going to daycare? These sound like lots of questions but are necessary to help you pick out the best option for you and your newborn.

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