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Why I love this baby walker

This is by far the best baby walker I have found. Quality is so important as you are relying on this to keep your baby safe as well as promote muscle strength in the legs and provide a learning experience as well. This is a very well-built walker which will last you for many years. Also, I want to mention it has a removable and washable seat pad which adds extra comfort for your baby.

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The Walky Talky Baby Walker is not only just the safest walker but is also very durable. It has wheels that have brakes that are an added protection for your little one. The wheels move nicely on the floor and even on carpeting. The brake pads will stop the walker if it goes over a step.

Why your baby will love this walker 

Your little guy or gal will be able to glide over your kitchen floor or anywhere in your house and maneuver it very easily. He will enjoy pushing the buttons and playing with the animals. All babies love the music too! The activity tray pops off so your baby can play with it on the floor.

Six different languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese)

This baby walker speaks and sings in 6 different languages for ABCs, colors, and common phrases. Even the adults will get a kick out of this and who knows, you may pick up some new words yourself!

Height adjustable

There are 3 height positions to accommodate your baby’s growth.

Compact for storage or travel

This walker will fold compactly for when you need to put it away or if you are going to grandma’s house.

Pros outweigh cons

A few minor complaints I have seen about this baby walker are that the volume is low, you need 2 “AA” batteries and you need a  small Phillips screwdriver for assembly.

Customer ratings

According to Amazon, customers have given this baby walker 4.3 out of 5 stars!

Overall review

I give this baby walker a 5 stars rating as it has quality, durability, safety, entertainment, developmental, educational, and FUN!!!

Purchase your Walky Talky Baby Walker here!

Walky Talky Baby Walker

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

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