A Robot Friend for Your Toddler

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When your little guy or gal gets around the age of 3, you start thinking about getting him/her ready for either preschool or kindergarten. We start teaching them colors, counting, and shapes, however, we also should consider getting them toys that help teach these things too.  Fisher-Price has a toy called Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot and I will show you how this will help get your toddler ready for school. And, best of all this will be a robot friend for your toddler. Let’s take a look!

Meet Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot!

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This delightful robot is perfect for capturing and holding your toddler’s attention all the way through to about 7 years of age! In this article, I am going to walk you through the different features and show you how this is effective teaching for your child for many years! Also, it is going to be a lot of fun!

Ages 3 to 6 years

This is a really fun robot for your preschooler because it has flashing lights and he/she will learn shapes, colors, and following directions. Oh, and it teaches counting!

Children older than 3 will enjoy this robot even more because of the challenges and it will stimulate your child’s thinking ability.

There are 3 ways to play – free coding, learning challenges, and “secret codes.”

Free coding

Free coding or independent coding is when your toddler pushes the buttons on the top giving directions to the robot which way to walk and turn. There are up to 10 directional moves that your child can “code” into the robot. The directional moves are forward, backward, left, and right. During the process of moving according to the program set by your child, the robot will talk a lot and involve your child. He repeats back to your child what he/she has programmed in!

Learning challenges

There is a challenge button and when pressed, the robot will give your child coding directions that he/she must set up.  When several sequences have been successfully achieved, Kinderbot makes the next directive a bit more challenging.

With this challenge button, Kinderbot makes fun “squeaks”, makes lots of fun music and he dances to each correct set-up. In other words, he rewards your child at the end with a dance!

Secret codes!

Included with Kinderbot are some accessories which include a “secret codebook” and a few accessory tools – plane, axle, wheel, and wedge.

The third button implements the booklet and tools—kids must recreate the step patterns they see in the codebook. This can be a bit challenging for even the adults, so you may find yourself intrigued by Kinderbot.

Kinderbot is full of personality!

What makes this robot so different than the rest of the electronic toys on the market is that he is so adorable and full of friendly chatter. He will do some crazy and funny moves and give a “robotic” enthusiastic support to your child when he/she gets it right!

Your child will  “love to learn” with this guy and will really learn concepts like greater than/less than. Talk about getting your child ready for school, this will really get things in motion!

This is probably the most fun way you can teach your child numbers, colors, shapes, and engineering basics.

Kinderbot’s additional qualities

When your child plays with Kinderbot, there are many important educational skills he/she will be learning.

For instance, Kinderbot comes with 4 accessories – lever, ramp, seesaw, obstacle course. Your child can learn to build with these parts and while playing, is learning some key concepts of engineering.

There are 6 codes that your child can use to turn Kinderbot into different characters such as a shark fin, tap dancer, or saxophone.

The ratings

Amazon’s customers have rated this Kinderbot a 4.7 out of 5 stars!

A great gift

Fisher-Price’s Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot will make a great gift for your preschool-age child! He/she will have hours of fun and not even realize that he/she is actually learning many things at the same time.

If you are thinking you would like to get this for a special little one, please click the link below.

Buy on Amazon here:

Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot


(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

My final thoughts

The Kinderbot is a toy that I will be purchasing for my grandson really soon. He is about to turn 3 and this will be a birthday present for him. I am excited for him and can’t wait to see his face light up when I give it to him! Actually, I am kind of excited for myself as I know I will be enjoying this robot too!

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